Flint Audio Video Leads the Way with Charitable Giving and Seasonal Deals

Middletown RIFlint Audio Video is a Middletown, Rhode Island-based retailer that specializes in a wide variety of products in the audio, home automation, surveillance, television, and A/V system mounting field. The company also offers custom consultations, repairs, networking, delivery, installation and rentals. The company’s website address is flint-audio.com and their direct phone number is (401) 849-2280.

Large Selection, Comprehensive Service and Competitive Pricing

The company has built a reputation for staying at the forefront of the consumer electronics market by offering low-price specials, seasonal mega-sales, and year-round discounts to online and in-store customers. Flint Audio Video is known for its selection, service and competitive pricing.

charitable giving

Charitable Giving

Flint Audio Video has set itself apart from other retailers in its industry by taking part in dozens of charitable causes both locally and nationally. The company’s corporate philosophy of giving back to the community is readily apparent in the many causes it promotes through direct donation of funds and services to needy organizations.

A few of the organizations that Flint Audio Video supports include the following:

  • Hillside Charities: Hillside is a family of agencies that offer education, health services, and other assistance to families and kids who face severe life challenges. For more than 180 years, Hillside has been guided by the belief that families and children can become the foundation of a community when they are given opportunities to achieve success. Flint Audio Video proudly supports Hillside in this endeavor.
  • The Potter League Heart and Sole Walk for Animals: This organization is one of Newport County’s primary animal shelters. The league advocates for the humane treatment of all animals and provides care and a home for unwanted and lost pets. Flint Audio Video is a supporter of this worthy cause.
  • The Norman Bird Sanctuary Bird Ball: This event was able to raise more than $90,000 to help sustain a 320-acre nature preserve, bird sanctuary, and museum in Middletown, Rhode Island. Flint Audio Video was delighted to contribute to the advancement of this organization’s goals.
  • Portsmouth High School “Post Prom” Event: The goal of this local high school post-prom party was to offer students a safe and fun place to be on their big night. For years, local schools like Portsmouth have held similar events to help make certain that high-school students who attend prom don’t have to worry about automobile accidents or other dangerous situations on prom night. Flint Audio Video continues to contribute to this worthwhile cause that keeps kids safe and shows them that special events like prom need not be dangerous.
  • Child and Family Services Rhode Island: For more than 150 years, Child and Family has been giving families the resources they need to raise safe and healthy children who grow up to become productive members of the community. Flint Audio Video is proud to be a part of Child and Family’s laudable efforts to keep families together in the face of adversity. Flint continues to support this wonderful organization’s work in Rhode Island.